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Teleport 2.0: Port Community System del Puerto Bahía de Algeciras para la Comunidad Logística-Portuaria


Currently, the Algeciras Port operates a port community system (entitled Teleport 1.0) that offers a series of services to the port community and comprises of two big blocks: Services directed to vessels (Teleport port services) and services directed to heavy truck traffic (Teleport heavy traffic).

The Algeciras Port Authority (hereafter APBA) considers that the port community system (hereafter PCS) is a strategic tool for the logistic port community. As a result, it is convinced of the necessity to complete an evolution of Teleport 1.0 in the interest to obtain a more efficient platform from the logistics point of view. This evolution of the PCS currently is known as Teleport 2.0.

This transition from Teleport 1.0 to Teleport 2.0 gives rise, in the broadest sense, to an evolution in level of port logistics functionality, a technological evolution of the platform, and the definition of the management and operation model. All with one main objective: to add value to the port logistic community through a platform that gives more reliability, more efficiency, total transparency and traceability of the cargo throughout the logistic chains.

Throughout 2015, the APBA was working on the definition of the strategic plan of Teleport 2.0. This project consisted in the identification of the services of added value (modules of the PCS) that should be implemented in the platform to obtain a seamless integration of the port throughout the logistic chain. To that end an international benchmark was conducted with the aim to obtain the same PCS level as the most important ports in the world. The different alternatives for the management and operation model of Teleport 2.0 were also analysed to a high level.

In 2017, the APBA has worked on the project of design and detail of Teleport 2.0 aiming to obtain (1) the definition of the functional and technical requirements of each of the services of added value identified in the strategic plan; (2) the definition of the management and operation model of the platform, as well as other aspects, of great relevance, (3) the analysis of the quantitative and qualitative benefits that teleport 2.0 will revert to the port logistics community. The result of this project was to obtain the technical and administrative requirements for the development, implementation and operation of the future Algeciras Port Community System.


Expected results:

Teleport 2.0 will support all the services encompassed by the logistics chain and will make them available to the port logistics community. There are ten services of added value that will be implemented in the platform, structured, as is explained in the following figure, in three large blocks.


The tenth service, known as Information service, will be transverse to all the previous. It will be oriented to the whole port community but also to the importers / exporters in an effort to provide a complete traceability (physical events and interchange of documentation) of the cargo throughout the logistics chain in a holistic way, thanks to the synergy between the rest of the services implemented in the PCS.

Note that for the definition of each one of these exposed services in the previous figure, there has been a great collaboration on the part of the port logistics community through the training of workgroups, totalling more than one hundred meetings maintained with the different stakeholders that have formed part of these groups.

Given the great magnitude of the transition from Teleport 1.0 to Teleport 2.0, the timeframes that are managed for the development, implementation and operation of all the reflected services in the previous figure are wide.

Therefore, with the aim to create value shortly to the port community, the APBA has proposed a preliminary implementation of those services considered of highest priority by the port stakeholders. This intermediate state of the platform has been titled Teleport 1.5.

9 March, 2018

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