Innovation Awards

What are the Port Innovation Awards?

Innovation is part of the DNA of the APBA, where it is actively working to systematize innovation and potentiate an innovative culture in order to turn the Port of Algeciras into a world-class innovation ecosystem in port logistics in favour of increasing competitiveness from our port.

In this context, the “Port Innovation Awards” are in award granted by the Bay of Algeciras Port Authority in recognition of its employees, companies of the Port community. University students and entrepreneurs or start-up companies that have made important innovative contributions to the Port of Algeciras or that have stood out the field of port logistics innovation.

Who are targeted and which categories are there?

Four categories of awards have been created that would be destined to:

  • Awards “Algeciras BrainPort R&D”, aimed at university students and young researchers whose research activity is related to logistics port innovation and the activity that takes place around the Port of Algeciras.
  • Awards “Algeciras BrainPort Community”, aimed at companies of Algeciras with the aim of encouraging innovation in other companies and, as a result, expand the competitive advantage of our port.
  • Awards “Algeciras BrainPort Open Talent”, aimed at entrepreneurs or start-up companies whose business ideas have a direct contribution on the activity of the Port of Algeciras.
  • Awards “The Journey of Innovation”, aimed at the Algeciras Port Authority employees and direct collaborators in order to stimulate the generation of ideas and potentiate a culture of innovation in the Port Authority.

Which calls are open?

There will be open calls for the different categories of awards throughout the year, so, we recommend that you check the agenda of upcoming activities and events.

Consult Agenda

How can you participate?

As new calls are opened, in this section you will find both the legal bases and the instructions to participate in each of the initiatives. 

Do you want to meet the winners of the previous editions?

Access the following space and meet our winners!

  •  “The Journey of Innovation” Competition for the Best Innovation Ideas (1st edition)

Consult Edition

  • “Algeciras BrainPort” Award to the Best Master Thesis (1st edition)

Consult Edition

  •  “The Journey of Innovation” Competition for the Best Innovation Ideas (2nd edition)

Consult Edition

  • “Algeciras BrainPort” Award to the best Degree and Master Thesis (2nd edition)

Consult Edition

About Us

This innovation portal is an initiative of APBA to reinforce an innovative culture and the development of an open innovation ecosystem in order to guarantee the future competitiveness of Algeciras Port.

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